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What's it all about?

Who We Are


Having worked in Colorado Springs restaurants and schools for over a combined 30 years, we figured...why not combine the two?  Colorado's first and only mobile walk-through salad bar is not your average food truck experience.  

What Is It? How Does It Work?


It's simple. It's a bus.  It's a salad bar. It's a walk-through-salad-bar-bus.  It's 

Salad or Bust

Walk on, build a salad, we weigh your salad, you buy your salad, you enjoy your salad, you tell your friends.  It's simple.

Our Salads


It's all about the salad.  You can piece together your own with our fresh, delicious toppings.  We also feature changing specialty salads.  

Oh, yeah, we also have a weekly soup!

Yes, we can be more specific

Did You Know?


Lettuce is a member of the sunflower family?

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Salad or Bust
Food truck in Colorado Springs
One of a kind

Share an event you would like to see us attend.  Tell us what you thought of your salad!  Share a joke!  Basically, we just want to hear from you.  

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